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We provide real world industry knowledge and connections between all elements of the Hemp/CBD industry including farmers, extractors, brand builders, and distributors.  We also offer THC consulting in recreational legal states.   Because our founder has a chemical engineering degree he knows the underlying chemistry better than most.  Because he has run small businesses he knows the challenges that face every business. owner. 

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If you would like to get started in any aspect of the Canna-Industry please give us a call.  Our consulting packages are extremely reasonable.  Most importantly, we can respond quickly because this industry is moving at rocket speed.  

Farming and Growing:  Our team has helped over 20 farms get started in the last two years. We have impeccable references and a plan of action that works!  We can assist you with small, medium and large initiatives whether they are for outdoor or indoor grows.  Grow for flower? biomass?  Let us assist you.  2019 NOTE:  WE PREDICT THIS YEAR WILL BE THE HIGHEST PRICE FOR HEMP IN RECORDED HISTORY. WE ARE WILLING TO WORK WITH A SHARE OF YOUR CROP IF YOUR CASH IS LIMITED.

Extraction/Processing:  Our consultants can help you find or build an extraction facility using state-of-the-art techniques.  Whether you would like to process or extract for a small group or farm, or take a leadership position and process for an entire region, we can assist.   If you have the capital we can help you make this happen.

Brand Building:  We subscribe to all the latest data regarding consumer behavior and we can predict what brand attributes are going to prevail.  We have design companies and marketing and advertising agencies that know the canna-market already so you don’t have to waste time teaching them or waiting for them to come up to speed.

Distribution:  We also are very interested in distribution networks and we can connect your network with ours in many cases.  We think distribution is the ultimate place to invest and grow a business.  We LOVE distribution and sales, both online and offline. 

Global/International:  If you wish to go global, or you are in another country wishing to enter the US market, our founder has done business around the globe and we can help you. 

We are happy to share our knowledge with you. Please either call or email.

Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE
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Cell: 213.500.7236 (EST)